Career Assistance

Wesley alumni, having once been in the shoes of our current students and since moved on to graduate school or various career endeavors, can be a hugely valuable resource to our College community. Learn about what you can do to aid students and recent graduates in their career exploration and searches. Or if you are seeking employment or career advice, there are a number of ways that Wesley connections may be able to assist you.

Be a Mentor/Career Resource

  • Register with Wesley's Office of Career Development and offer to help students with their questions regarding a particular career field. You can also post internship and job opportunities with your company or organization. 
  • Keep your business webcard information updated in your Online Community profile on this site, making yourself available for alumni networking or career advice. 
  • Participate in the annual “Meet the Professionals Night” to answer student questions as they prepare to enter specific career fields or to select a major. 
  • Complete the Mentoring tab on your online profile to indicate your willingness to be contacted about career programs, mentoring or internships.
  • Volunteer for mock interviews or to speak with classes about career-related topics. 

Find a Mentor/Get Career Information

  • Visit Wesley's Office of Career Development to learn about tools and resources for alumni job-seekers 
  • Keep in touch with your professors -  they are still one of your best resources!
  • Find alumni career volunteers within this Online Community and do some networking.


If you are interested in career related volunteer activities, be sure to update your online community profile on this site. After logging in, click on the "Update My Info" link on the webpage footer in blue. Click on the "Education" tab and select your interests under the "Alumni and campus activities in which I'd like to participate" field.


For further information, please contact:
Laura Mayse
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving