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Wesley College Introduces the Spring Commencement Speaker

Jeffrey Brown, senior correspondent for the NewsHour, has been selected to speak at this year’s spring Commencement on Saturday, May 8. He will lead the new Wesley graduates off with a few words of insight, experience and guidance accumulated throughout his own career to help inspire the young graduates on their own paths to personal success. Brown is a sought-after public speaker that has demonstrated success within his own field, through hard work and dedication.

Brown began his career as a producer and writer for the Columbia University Seminars on Media & Society, an independent television production. There he produced many programs for public television on a wide variety of subjects, including foreign policy, ethics and the Constitution. Brown later joined the NewsHour in 1988 in New York, before moving to Washington in 1996. As senior producer for National Affairs for more than a decade, he helped shaped the program's coverage of a wide range of areas, including the economy, healthcare, social policy, culture and the arts. His work as producer and correspondent has garnered him an Emmy Award, four Cine Golden Eagles and other honors.

At the NewsHour, Brown is currently responsible for conducting studio discussions and reporting from the field. His primary responsibilities are in the areas of culture, arts and the media. As a correspondent for the NewsHour since 1998, Brown has profiled and interviewed dozens of leading American and international writers, musicians and other artistic figures. In addition, he has contributed stories in many other areas of interest, including religion and science.

Brown earned an undergraduate degree in classics from the University of California at Berkeley and a master's degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He studied law at the UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall). He lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife, Paula Crawford, an artist and professor of art at George Mason University. They have two children.